What's On My Mind

Headed to Auburn Hills to see Rihanna live in concert! Hope I get some good pics when I meet her.


OMG, I’m floating on air! Rihanna liked my status that I posted about her and her charity!

The Finale!

Watching the last episode of Oprah. I hope I don’t cry!

I’m So Sore!

If I don’t make a post tomorrow, then I probably died from working out for the first time in years! Help, my legs are about to fall off!


The world loses another icon, Elizabeth Taylor is gone. No other woman in history had such fame, beauty, talent, and kindness!

Boy oh boy did I get f#cked up last night! I had a ball but today its time to get serious. Gotta get ready for work for the next three days.

About to celebrate, this day in my heart will always belong to Rihanna. Ciroc, check. Mary Jane, check. KFC, check. Movie, check. Time to party.

Rihanna Navy!

Ahhhhhh! Life is beautiful. Just got third row tickets with back stage meet and greet passes to see Rihanna!


Hoping, praying, wishing, and dreaming of getting these Rihanna tickets. I swear if I get those front row seats I’ll tattoo her name on me.